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Police Foundations

Get Prepared for A Career in Policing or Law Enforcement

Recognized by Police Services across Canada, Westervelt’s Police Foundations program, taught by active and well-known, retired Police Officers is regarded as the best Police Foundations training in the province. Our Police Foundation instructors know what it takes to gain employment in municipal, provincial or federal police services across the country. No one prepares you better for the Constable Selection Process.

Recruiters desire Westervelt’s style of training where you’ll wear a uniform and adhere to the discipline required of a Police officer. Rigorous training includes Criminal Law, Criminology, Evidence, Search and Seizure, Physical Fitness and Defensive Tactics Training.



Career Outlook

Police Services are actively hiring well-qualified people. With an Unprecedented Number of Baby Boomers Retiring, there is pressure on police services to hire. Find great job security and a rewarding career in all of these potential career paths:

  • Municipal Police Constable
  • Provincial Police
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Special Constable, Court and Prisoner Transfer
  • Military Police
  • Private Investigator
  • Corrections Institutions
  • Youth Correctional Facilities
  • Canada Customs
  • Private Police Security
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